What We Offer

Not only do we specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we also create your dreams from the ground up, no matter the project! We have an architect on staff to fulfill any needs for drawings and/or permits. You won’t have to lift a finger, we can take care of it all. From Framing, Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall, Tape and Texturing, Heating, Ventilation, Cooling, Landscaping, Paving, Exterior doors/gates design, Interior doors and window design, Garage design, plus *ALL* of the materials needed for each of these services, we have available! 



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Have some issues with your water pressure? Let us help. We can provide ALL plumbing work from our trained professionals. We can also provide you plans for plumbing that isn’t constructed yet and construct it for you. Along with fixing the existing, we do it all! 


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With Gallery Kitchen and Bath, we have certified professionals for all your electric needs. From fixing a flickering light to putting in a new panel, we can provide the labor/materials and the budget for you up front.


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Over six different quartz companies to choose from with five different outlets/showrooms for granite and precious stones. Some colors/stones have standard square foot pricing available, meaning when you work with Gallery, you save on slabs only having to purchase the amount you need, and we also have the fabricator on staff to cut your stone flawlessly.  


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Gallery Kitchen and Bath is proud to offer 5 different cabinetry lines for our customers. Each different and lovely in their own way. We are able to provide you a detailed cabinet drawing free of charge along with an estimate that’s line itemized to see the cabinet cost and installation labor cost seperately. 


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Our tile installers use a state of the art leveling system that cannot be used unless you are thoroughly certified. The showroom has choices from 5 tile vendors and designer favorites to fill up our inventory of samples for the ability to construct a full pallet. Full tiles make it easy to set out and really bring your pallet to life.    


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Gallery Kitchen and Bath works with the best of the best glass companies LOCALLY to ensure quality and durability, we can create custom designed glass for a countertop in a kitchen, or a nice glass door with a frosted finish in a bath.  


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Everything else in between! Faucets, tubs, showers, lighting, handles, etc. We can seek out and provide these items for your remodel/new construction project. 


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At Gallery, we understand remodeling your home or building a new one takes time. With 3 seasoned designers and 1 architect on staff available for you for each and every step of the process from start to contract signing. 

Interior Design

Paint selection

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Whether it’s the whole house or just one room, our designers can match any paint color with the colors of the rest of the room as well. Proudly using Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams Paints.

Lighting selection/arrangement

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Lighting temperature and placement can really affect each room. Our employees are trained to design with lighting specific to each room. We have electricians available on site to determine the best possible placement. 

Countertop selection

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From granite slabs to our more precious stones like quartzite and marble, our designers help from step one of selecting a slab for a countertop of your choice. With 4 different outlets to choose stone from, we can take the extra step of having slabs available for viewing and the appointment set up all by us. 

Tile Placement and Design

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Backsplashes and tile in showers need a well detailed design before installation. Our employees at Gallery can create a rending and a hand sketch to better help our customers understand how their tile will be installed. 

Pallet collaboration

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Each design appointment consists of a color pallet that our designers and specialists create with our clients. A selection process happens during the second half of this appointment for each item of your remodel. (Cabinets, Countertops, Tile etc. )

Furniture selection

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Our designers can help clients with selection of new furniture that pertains to their remodel. Furniture and other household items are included, if you can buy it for your house, our specialists can help you out!

New Construction/Exterior Design

Preliminary Architectural Drawings

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Usually a major remodel, additions or new construction builds needs drawings created by an architect to submit to the city for approval. We have an architect on staff available to draw up any project needed.

Obtaining permits for your project

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After drawings for your project have been approved by the city, permits must be obtained for the job to begin. We are available to help our clients obtain those. 

Contract and Scheduling

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Our team of specialists have multiple appointments with our clients to ensure each product that selected is recorded and the schedule of the job can be created after a contract is signed. 

Doors and Windows

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We can also provide designs with a new door or window in place. Local vendors around town we’ve had relationships with for over 20 years, so our designers here can supply the doors or windows and our installers can install them as well. Exterior gates included. 

Landscape Design

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We understand the exterior of the house is just as important as the interior. From gravel to brick pavement, green shrubbery or flowers, and electric lights outside to light up the rest of your yard, we can provide it all for our clients. 


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Our certified installers have the equipment and the expertise to build anything from the ground up, 2X4 walls, headers and custom work available. 

Drywall/Tape and Texture

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After the framing is finished, our installers come in with the drywall and texturing afterwords. You don’t see a cleaner finish anywhere else. 

Michael and the rest of the staff was so helpful in helping me design and choose the right cabinetry for my new house. He is very professional, artistic and patient. The follow-thru was exceptional! Cabinets were delivered on time with no issues. They are stunning and could not have done it without Michael’s and staffs help. I strongly recommend Gallery Kitchen and Bath.

Jill Schultz

We are more than delighted with our BIG remodel. The entire team is great to work with and made sure every little detail was addressed even when I made changes along the process.

Bonnie Denman

Nicholas and Gallery Kitchen and Bath did a home project for me and it turned out great! On time and on budget with of course a few issues along the way which were handled professionally and quickly. Will definitely use them again!.

Eric Shellenberger